Holidays to Portugal Lisbon churches Tour

Lisbon churches Tour-Igreja de São vicente
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If you are a catholic religious person and come on holidays to Portugal, Lisbon, you should see the top seven churches in Lisbon with our Lisbon guide.

On this guided tour, our Lisbon guide  is going to show you the following churches:

–   Saint Anthony Church, 17h century church, the protector of young brides;

–  Cathedral of Lisbon, a combined Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, and Neoclassical styles  12th century church;

–  Graça Church, 17th century baroque style;

–  Monastery of São Vicente de Fora, one of the most important monasteries and mannerist buildings in Portugal;

–  Santa Catarina Church, one of the most beautiful and sumptuous golden baroque decorations in the city;

–  São Roque Church, 17th century first Jesuit Church with a baroque style;

–  Monastery of Jerónimos,  15th century Gothic Manueline style churh which it was classified a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Lisbon churches Tour