Holidays to Portugal – A roundtrip through the southwestern coast of Portugal

Dear readers, if you are planning to go on holidays to a beach destination, do choose the southwestern coast of Portugal. You will find maybe the best beaches you have ever been in Europe. Yes, the best ones. Why? Because they are wild, natural, and immensely beautiful.


I advise you to land in Lisbon, and on the first day choose a tour in order to get the vibration of the city. After this head towards south and let us made you a tailor made itinerary to start being a fan of Portuguese beaches. 


The first stop is on Arrabida beaches with this immense natural surroundings. You will love, these beaches are known for being calm, with a tremendous surrounding . On the top, for a sweet end of the day you could go to Sesimbra or Setubal, fishery villages, to taste a wonderful fresh fish. What could be better than this for a day on holidays?

On the following days go south, on the long road, through the western coast of Portugal. A stop in Comporta, followed by Vila Nova de Mil fontes, Porto Covo, Odeceixe, Aljezur and at the end Sagres. This route will be difficult to forget. Such a beautiful coast. More than amazing beaches, you will find a culture, gastronomy and some wine producers that it will be very pleasant news. An experience you would like to repeat I guarantee you!








So, get in touch and we will design the tailor made experience you will not forget for all your life!


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