Holidays to Portugal. Setubal, land of fresh fish and fishermen!

Well, if you love eating fresh fish and you are on holidays to Portugal, visit its capital Lisbon, and give a leapfrog to Setubal, fishermen village and fresh fish.

This is the place where you could have not only an amazing tour, but also be delighted with the culture of fish around the city.

Starting with the tour, it is important to get to know the city center and some of the places to visit are the following:


1st – The church of jesus, representing the first known example of Manueline architecture;

2nd – Castle de São Filipe which had a tactic role in the defense of pirates attacks comming from north Africa and Europe;

3rd – The old district with plenty vintage stores and local curiosities;

4th – Archaeology and Ethnography Museum in Setubal with a collection of archeological findings around Setubal.

5th – Church of São Julião and its main square where sometimes a local market takes place.

6th – Avenida Luisa Todi, where you can appreciate the statue of famous singer Luisa Todi.

7th Local Market where you can find fresh fruit and fish.

At the end of the visit come the best part which is the flavours you can eat of fresh fish and seafood. Choose one of the restaurants along the main avenue and get delighted. Setúbal is know for the best fresh fish you can eat in the region. So get in touch, we will take you there!!


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