Holidays-to-Portugal. Coimbra, a city known for its academic traditions!

If you are planning to spend some time on holidays in Portugal, just give yourself the opportunity to know a Portuguese city marked by its renowned university founded in 1290.  A city known for its student’s traditions and with a quite long history of cultural patrimony.


So, are you already feeling like a student? Here are some of the places you can´t afford to miss to understand this city. Just stay there at least 1 or 2nights to feel the city.






1stThe university. Of course this is a place you must go. You are going to find an amazing university full of history and richness. Just go up to the edge of the tower in order to find an amazing view above the city. Just 184 steps you will have to climb to have this amazing view above the river and the city.








2nd Go inside the Capelos’ room , a place full of symbolism of Portuguese history. This is a place where King João I was first acclaimed back in the XII century. Nowadays is used to most important ceremony of academic life.






3rd  Joanina´s Library it is one of the exponents of baroques in Portugal and one of the richest libraries in Europe. It was built between in 1717 and 1728 in honor of João V and it is composed by 3 floors, the main floor being the most adorned and rich, the intermediate floor as the guard house and where the job was done and the last floor the academic prison.




4th Sé Velha and Sé Nova, two churches full of religious symbols and history.






5th Museum of Science full of embalmed animals, natural history, astronomic, chemistry and medical sciences instruments. A very interesting museum!






6th Botanic Garden, were you could relax and go for a picnic for instance or just to be in contact with nature.

7th Just go and let yourself get lost through the old and historical part of the city. Try ginginha, listen Fado of Coimbra which is different from the Lisbon one. Have a delight through Portuguese culture.


So, enjoy, take some while and be in touch with us, we will design the perfect tour for you!


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