Holidays-to-Portugal. Sardines’ festival back in Lisbon!

Are you coming on holidays to Lisbon, Portugal, beginning of June? If yes, perfect, because the sardines’ festival will be starting right in downtown Lisbon. From the first week of june until the 3rd one, you will have the smell of sardines all over Lisbon and it’s just perfect.

The big party is on the night of 12th june to the 13th, but the environment of party starts quite early and I advise you to eat sardines some days before, because right on the 12th the streets of Lisbon will be crowded, full of stalls grilling sardines and it is just eated with a slice of bread and a beer or green wine. So simply, it is perfect! This is one of the simple pleasures of living in Lisbon.

The festival will be taking place all over the city, but the most genuine is in the district of Alfama and Mouraria where fado was born. I must warn you that on the night of the festival it is so crowded that sometimes you are not able even to cross the street.

If you like to see the cultural dance of each Lisbon district, you get a chance to see it in Avenida da Liberdade, where people of each district are going to march and show the customs that they have prepared all year to show just on that specific day! At the end, there will be a winner.

So, if you choose june to visit Lisbon, you have choosen the perfect month, a month full of light and full of celebrities happening in Lisbon. If you would like to know more about cultural events on this time or do a tour in the typical places of Lisbon, give us a ring. You will be delighted!


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