Marvão and Castelo de Vide, two castles that marked Portuguese history!

If you are going on holidays to Portugal, dedicate some of your time to explore the great variety of places in the country. In this article we are going to explore two places on the Alentejo’s rural landscape: Marvão and Castelo de Vide, two castles that marked Portuguese history.


Castelo de Vide, due to its proximity to Serra de São Mamede, has green vegetation, and it known by the locals as the “Sintra of Alentejo´s region”.  The medieval castle is one of the places where you can enjoy great views of the surrondings, enclosed by the town´s white houses. Also the Jewish neighborhood of Castelo de Vide’s village is an important mark of the Jewish presence in Portugal.

The best way to get to know it is to walk through the narrows streets and have a pleasant walk within this medieval village. Of course, the food is also the other exlibris of the region, typical dishes you can eat and have and if you go during Easter holidays, you will encounter great celebrations throughout the town.

Marvão, just at 20minutes away by car is the next stop, right on the crest of the Serra de São Mamede. The pictoresque village is very beautiful to explore and the castle played an important role for the conquerors of the Portuguese battles due to its strategic position and who always took care and strengthened the castle’s walls. One of those battles was the war for Restoration of Independence (1640-68), but there ware a few more.

We advise you to go to the edge of the castle to see the great and amazing view of the surrounding region. If you give value locals customs, the chestnut festival which takes place on the middles of November is a good opportunity to visit the region.


Well, get in touch with us and we will take you there.



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