Holidays to Portugal. Azores, the Atlantic’s undiscovered Diamond!

Yes, indeed! Azores is the Atlantic’s undiscovered diamond! If you are a Natural Tourism lover, holidays to Portugal, in the Azores island, is a destiny for your long needed break. Yes, you cannot afford to get out without knowing each one of them, because once you are there is quite difficult to go away.


Each island has its own uniqueness. Each island is the best kept secret you could ever discover. You will be completely delighted about what the Azores islands have to offer you. I will give some clues per island in order you find out how important is to go there and know each island:


1st Azores’ Eastern Group of islands – São Miguel. You have a lot to discover on this island.

  • From Mosteiros which I consider a good place to sleep because you have a fishing village and Atlantic ocean pools where you could take a quick swim.
  • Until the main lagoons spread among the island such as “Lagoa das Sete Cidades”, “Lagoa do Fogo” or Lagoon of Fire, Lagoa das Furnas, Lagoa do Ilhéu de Vila Franca which is perfect for a day laydown on the beach. It is a beautiful lagoon made by the volcano´s crater. You could catch a little boat to get there. A perfect combination. 
  • After you have thermal baths with natural hot water such as “Poça D.Beija”, “Caldeira Velha”, “Ponta da Ferraria” natural pools or “Parque Terra Nostra”. In this last one we will advise you to take an old bikini or shorts once it will be in a bad shape after getting out of the hot water pool.
  • You could also do so many other things such as eating the famous traditional plate of “cozido” boiled burried inside the land in Furnas, or sea food which there is a lot of all possible kind, or eat Alcatra, their good meat plate and moreover go to see the tea plantation Goreana. As I told you before, the problem is to say goodbye when you finish your holidays.

2nd Azores’ Western Group of islands – Flores, an island known by its natural beauty, flowers and its waterfalls. The best place to stay some while and take advantage of the nature is for sure Fajã Grande where the most beautiful waterfalls are. After that, what you could enjoy to do some walks among the several walking rails you have on the island and relax in the nature, visit the small villages you have such as “Aldeia da Cuada”. Visit all lagoons you can, know the nature of the island. Eat cheese and try eating the main local traditional dishes. An unforgettable experience!

3rd  Azores’ Central Group of islands – São Jorge , Pico, Faial, Terceira and Graciosa

In Terceira you have as capital “Angra do Heroismo” which is a city quite beautiful to visit. The singularity of shops and houses you find here is something you can not miss. Moreover you can have an overview of the island from “Monte Brasil” and “Serra do Cume” sightseeing. 


In Pico, you can climb up to the highest mountain of Portugal, Pico’s mountain. You might take some while to do it but once you get the peak, you can enjoy a marvelous view over the Atlantic and the surronding islands. It is something you only do once in lifetime!

To finish you have São Jorge island which is the perfect island to be in contact with the nature. Land of Fajãs  you have the  famous Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo due to its clams untill Fajã dos Cubres, with a crystalline lagoon and lets  not forget Fajã do Ouvidor with its natural pools.

 So enjoy nature, and spend you holidays in these wonderful islands ready to be discovered. Azores is the contact with the nature on its extreme way. You will love it! Get in touch.


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