Holidays to Portugal – 7 Public Gardens in Lisbon you will love going to!

If you are on holidays in Lisbon, and you would love to get to know the city parks, let me tell you about the most beautiful ones you can find in Lisbon:


1st  Gulbenkian: the museum and the garden of Gulbenkian is simply beautiful. You can find some little lake and ducks around, and have a pleasant time walking inside the Gulbenkian gardens. Full of greens and leafs, is great for having a picnic with your friends or family.

 2nd Torel  Garden: with a great all around view of Lisbon, this is a garden where you could have a little walk around and drink coffee in the bar right in the middle of the garden. This a nice garden to relax for a while after lunch or to read a book.

 3rd Eduardo VII Park: this is in the center of Lisbon, it starts in Marquês de Pombal, if you walk up to the upper part, you will find a great view from the top. In the middle you have Estufa Fria, a greenhouse with different kinds of plants from all over the world. If you love plants, this is a place to visit.

4th Jardim Botânico: located in the heart of Principe Real, it has dense vegetation full of exotic plants of a great variety, more than 18.000 species from all over the world.

6th Tapada das Necessidades: with 3 lakes, is a place where you could find a great peace of mind. Huge with plenty of trees, here you can find a place where is great to go with your love surrounded with a great view of the Tagus river.

7th Jardim da Estrela: great to go with kids, and drink a coffee. It has a park for kids to play in. Just relax while your kids play around.


Well, you know already which parks to visit. If you want to know more about Lisbon and schedule a visit with us, get in touch. We will provide you a great tour.


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