Holidays-to-Portugal. Top Portuguese Art Churches to know!

This is a great year, Pope Francis will come to Fatima. If you are on holidays in Lisbon and you would like to know more about catholic churches in Lisbon, then continue reading this article.

These are some churches you cannot afford to miss if you are spending some days in Lisbon:


1st Jeronimos Monastery, constructed during the XV century by D.Manuel with gotic and manueline influences and with more than 300 metres extension thought its facade. Jeronimos´is known as the “jewel in the crown” of Manueline architecture, incorporating both late Gothic and Renaissance elements and blending Christian and naturalist symbols in its design, to a such level that make it a unique and outstanding work.

2nd The Saint Anthony Church, a small chapel built by the family of Saint Anthony of Padua after he was canonized. This church represents the place where Saint Antony was born and nowadays Lisbon celebrates the popular local festivities on the 13th June, this is a day which many couples chose to marry with the Saint Anthony bless. This is a church rebuilt after the 1755 Lisbon’s earthquake with a baroque-rococo design.

3rd Se Cathedral: built in 1147 and modified several times throughout the centuries, this is the main cathedral of Lisbon, surviving the earthquake of 1755. It is nowadays a mix of different architectural styles, such as Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque-Rococo style.

holidays-to-portugal-igreja-da-graca4th Graça´s Churh: known due to its amazing sightseeing spot above the city of Lisbon. With a baroque style on its façade, you can also admire some tile works inside that date back to the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.








holidays-to-portugal-city-break-tours-igreja-s-vicente5th Monastery of São Vicente de Fora: it is a 17th century monastery and church, with a mannerist style which you can see by its huge and austere façade with a magnificent baroque portal. The original church was made in the XII century but it was rebuilt afterwards by the order of Philip I of Spain. Its entrance is decorated with blue and white 18th century tiles that tell the story of the Monastery, including scenes of the Siege of Lisbon in 1147. The sacristy is famous for its different types of marble. The monastery also contains the royal pantheon of the Braganza monarchs of Portugal. This is one of the most important monasteries and mannerist buildings in the country.




holidays-to-portugal-panteao-nacional6th National Pantheon: also known as Saint Engrácia church, this building was built by Infanta D.Maria, D.Manuel I daughter, in the XVI century. Later, on the XIX century it was decided that it would be the national pantheon in order to honor distinguished Portuguese who had done and marked Portuguese culture in the several fields of art, cientific, literature among others. Nowadays, Amália Rodrigues, Fado singer, Sofia de Mello Breyner, literature writer, and Eusébio, football player, are examples of those distinguished Portuguese on the tombs of this pantheon.

 7th São Roque Church: the first Jesuit Portuguese church, with a baroque and mannerist exuberant design from the XVI century. Inside you could see a gold decoration full of gold carving, tiles and paintings.

holidays-to-portugal-city-break-tours-basilica-da-estrela-2Of course you can see some more such as Basílica da Estrela, or the church inside the tiles museum or if you which a modern one the church of Nossa Senhora de Fátima where you could contemplate the Almada Negreiros stained glass. And to finish a visit to Fátima Pilgrimage, where the Virgin Mary first apparition took place in 1917.  

Get in touch and we will design the right tour for you! 


holidays-to-portugal-tiles-museum holidays-to-portugal-tiles-museum2







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