Holidays-to-Portugal. Top 8 museums you cannot afford to miss in Lisbon.

Sometimes, when going abroad we do not exactly know how to choose which museum you can´t miss paying a visit in a city, so I decided to write you this article to let you know what sort of museums you can´t miss if you are on holidays in Lisbon. Get in touch!


 1st The Tiles Museum: The tiles museum will tell you about the history of tiles and the kind of tiles which were used throught each century in the architecture of Lisbon. Here you can see a great placard of tiles and also a variety of them depending on the century we are talking about.


2nd National Coach Museum: This museum you can´t lose for it has an broad collection of carriages that belonged to the royal Portuguese families of that time. Here, you will find carriages from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, made in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, England and Austria. This museum was built in 1905 by Queen Amélia.

 holidays-to-portugal-city-break-tours-museu-nacional-dos-coches2 holidays-to-portugal-city-break-tours-museu-nacional-dos-coches

3rd National Museum of Ancient Art: the collections in this  museum includes painting, sculpture, textiles and drawings from the middle ages until the 19th century.  Nevertheless, the paintings from the 15th and 16th century underline a specific important age of Portuguese art. One of the most important paintings of this museum is the six Saint Vicent panels done by Nuno Gonçalves.


4th Calouste Gulbenkian Museum: the collection includes ancient as well as modern art. Greco-Roman art from classical antiquity, as well as art from the ancient Near East and the Nile valley.  European trends are also common in the museum, such as a special room dedicated to the French art of the 18th century and the work of René Lalique. This museum also rewards with a beautiful garden built around the main building with fishes and ducks that is quite pleasant for a walk or a pic-nic.




holidays-to-portugal-city-break-tours-museu-da-marinha5th Maritime Museum: This museum has a collection of 17.000 item showcases of boats, models of ships, maps, sailing instruments among others to highlight the 15th century discoveries and to keep alive the memory of the age of the great achievements.







6th Fado Museum: this museum highlights a certain kind of music, Portuguese Fado music, which also belong to the culture of the Portuguese people. In this museum you will be told about the Fado’s history and how it came to be part of the culture of Portugal. You will also be in contact with the most relevant Fado personalities and sometime the museum provides you an exhibition of Fado.


holidays-to-portugal-city-break-tours-fundacao-jose-saramago7th José Saramago Foundation: this is a culture private institution which was opened to show the work of the Nobel Prize literature José Saramago. In this foundation you will find the history of work and life of this writer. Moreover this foundation it is inside of the iconic “Casa dos Bicos” or also “Diamonds house” which has an exquisite architecture was in times a trade commerce house of products arriving from India during the 15th century.


holidays-to-portugal-city-break-tours-casa-fernando-pessoa8th Fernando Pessoa House: this is the house where the famous Portuguese poet lived for the last 15 years of this life. Here, you can see the original bedroom of the poet as also some personal belongings such as his glasses, notebooks, typewriter, among others. The house has also an open restaurant where you can enjoy an inspiring meal.


So, now you can go enjoy a tour through all these museums in order to know in deep the Portuguese culture. Let us to be your guide. Get in touch!


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