Holidays-to-Portugal. Schist Villages, perfect place to take a rest!

Are you thinking coming on holidays to Portugal to have a big rest but you don’t know where? So, continue reading this article because I’m going to reveal you a great place where you can have a rest inside a rural village.


Heading from Lisbon it will take you 2 hours to take you to Lousã and from there on some aditional 30 min to drive you through different schist villages in the vicinity. It is so worth spending some days on that region in order not only to know the different existing rural villages but also to get to know the richness of rivers and pool rivers. Moreover, In order to be delighted with the regional sweets and food you could eat on that region restaurants.

 holidays-to-portugal-city-break-montemor-o-velho    holidays-to-portugal-city-break-montemor-o-velho2

So, I would advise you to spend one night in Montemor-o-Velho, explore the existing castle  in the village as also the green fields you have and taste the regional sweet Pastel de Tentúgal, a must I should say.

holidays-to-portugal-city-break-lousa1Afterwards cross Lousã, make a stop on the Lousa’s Palace to get a good look at the entrance and maybe spend another night there and go to Talasnal, a great schist village with typical houses made of schist. You will be in an authentic rural village with amazing views and where you could do some walks to visit other schist villages nearby.  Overthere you could have some amazing relaxing days on the village, and take advantage namely of the restaurant Tia Lena which has an amazing lamb made on the oven and other regional dishes you will love to taste. You have also other 2 or 3 small bares and stores where you can buy some regional products and liqueurs. It is quite nice while engaging in a chat with the owners of the place.

holidays-to-portugal-city-break-schist-villages-tia-lena3 holidays-to-portugal-city-break-schist-villages-tia-lena2 holidays-to-portugal-city-break-schist-villages-tia-lena1


holidays-to-portugal-city-break-schist-villages3 holidays-to-portugal-city-break-schist-villages2

In spite of this center region not being very known, it still has a lot to offer. Meanwhile you are relaxing of the village you will also be close to the 3rd Portuguese biggest city, Coimbra, a city known by its academic life and where you can spend the day to visit it.


So, if you don’t know how to organize your holidays, leave it to us, just get in touch, we will design the right tour for you ans simultaneously give you space let you be creative to spend the days exactly as you wish.


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