Holidays-to-Portugal. New Year’s Eve in Lisbon. Things to do!

Are you on holidays in Portugal for the New Year’s Eve? Did you choose Lisbon for spending a few days days? So perfect, you have choosen well. Continue reading to know about the things you could do on this time of the year.


Lisbon is widely known for its natural daylight, but on this time of the year is also full of artificial lights, adornments, Xmas trees, an environment so nice that at the end it will be hard for you to leave us.


So, here’s a list of things you could do in Lisbon:


1st Have a long walk through down town (Baixa, Chiado, Castle)  to see the environment Lisbon can offer you during these days.

2nd Go drink a “Meia de leite” (coffee with milk) in some of the sightseeing you have such as Nossa Sra. Do Monte, São Pedro de Alcântara and Noobai café at Miradouro de Santa Catarina. If you prefer being indoors because it is cold outside, then I advise you to consider the Café Austriaco where you could also read your newspaper or Café S.Jorge Cinema at Liberty avenue.

3rd Give a one day tour through Guincho, Cascais and Sintra. You will most certainly love those places.

4th Go for a lunch at Darwin’s café in Fundação Champalimaud and afterwards take the advantage of being in the vicinity of Belem to discover our XV century discovery monuments and of course to eat a “nata” at Pastéis de Belém.

5th On day 31, Comercio´s Square is going to be full of Lisboners to celebrate New Years eve. There are free concerts so I believe you could go for this option. If you are a person who likes being indoors rather than outdoors in the comfort of a house, I advise you some places which are going to have their own parties as well. Here are some of them: Lisbon Casino, Casino Estoril, Clube Ferroviário, Teatro do Bairro. If you even prefer to be in a cosy place, then I advise you to check out some houses in the vicinity of Sintra. You will have such a pleasant day on the tranquility of Sintra.


So, if you would like to do more or if you would like to go for an informal tour, get in touch, we will design the right perfect tour for you.


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