Holidays-to-Portugal. What to do in Lisbon on Christmas time?


holidays-to-portugal-city-break-tour-christmas2-lisbonMy tourist friends, are you now in Lisbon on Christmas time? Well, perfect! If you’re on holidays in Portugal having your short break this is the perfect time to see all the lights and Christmas decorations within the historical center and main avenues of Lisbon. The environment, the people, the streets, the events, everything on this Christmas time seems wonderful. Moreover there is some nostalgy on the air which matches perfectly with this time of the year.


So, what could you do on this time in Lisbon? Here are some tips of what might be pleaseant to do in Lisbon:

1st Spend the evening after  8pm  near Terreiro do Paço/ Comércio Square. There is a big Christmas tree and in December some light animation in the square is expected. A must! Usually this square is also a stage for free Chritmas concerts in December.

holidays-to-portugal-city-break-tour-christmas-lisbon holidays-to-portugal-city-break-tour-christmas7-lisbon

2nd Visit the streets exiting Comércio Square, namely, R. Áurea or R. da Prata, which comes from Rossio Square. These streets are full of ordainments and the lights are so beautiful that you should go pay them a visit.

3rd  Chiado. Near This subway station in front of the coffee “Café a Brasileira”, famous by the historic presence of the writer Fernando Pessoa, you will find almost always some group of people playing and dancing. It’s quite an amazing feeling once you assist to it. Moreover, the lights of Chiado’s Warehouse are also worth to look at. On the following days, usually around the twenthieth of December there is also on the balcony of the Chiado’s Warehouse a fado concert, the typical Portuguese song, for all people interested and it is free.

holidays-to-portugal-city-break-tour-christmas-lisbon-pirulitos2 holidays-to-portugal-city-break-tour-christmas-lisbon-pirulitos

4th Get in all iconic stores located all over downtown. Go to a good pastry shop, eat your natathen go to Casa Macário on R. Augusta and take  a Pirulito’s, a traditional lollipop for you or your children, afterwards go for a ginjinha at Rossio Square, go for a wine at Garrafeira Nacional at Figueira’s Square. Take a traditional beer in one of the marvelous sightseeings that Lisbon has to offer you.

5th If you want to spend and buy some gifts of international brands then I strongly advise you to go for a walk in Avenida da Liberdade, Liberty Avenue. Overthere you will find all big fancy brands you might have a look for your gifts. Also you will take the advantage to appreciate all lights of the avenue if you do your walk by evening.

6th Go for a walk on the surroundings of Lisbon, such as Sintra, Cascais or Guincho.  It’s also a great experience to visit those places on this time of the year.


So, that’s it! Get in touch, let´s go for a walk in Lisbon and discover all corners and narrow typical streets in the vicinity.


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