Holidays-to-Portugal. A visit by foot in legendary Sintra.

Are you planning your holidays to Portugal? Or are you already in Lisbon for a long break from your daily routine? So start knowing Sintra as a local and go further on your visits around Sintra.

All times of the year are good to go visit Sintra, but with this blue sky and this weather it surely invites you for a walk.


You have plenty to see, eat and buy in Sintra, so continue reading this article and find out how can you have a pleasant day with a walk in Sintra.

Well, you can walk both inside the village of Sintra as well as on its surroundings. In each one of them you’ll have a different perspective.

1st If you prefer to start visiting the village, ok, you will know all the great monuments Sintra has to offer. You can take advantage of all the shops, restaurants and farms around the village, such as, Quinta da Regaleira, Monserrate’s Palace & Gardens, Pena’s Palace, and so on. I must say it is so cute when you go inside the village and go for a walk through the narrows streets visiting all the traditional shops you have in all corners and the great palaces and houses. Oh….!  And if you like horses you can rent one to visit the romantic Sintra, but on this occasion you will not walk so much but it will be a great experience as well. Have a general view and afterwards do a walk by foot.

2nd If you decide to have a connection with the nature itself, then you must go out of the center of the village.  In this occasion you will smell, breathe and feel  the nature and enjoy some of its spectacular views. You will feel like if you being part of a fairytale, you could have a walk both in middle of the woods, with the green trees and peaceful environment; and also along the beach.  Each one of them are great for a closer contact with nature. Once you do it for the first time, many other occasions will come again and again. Just try it.



Are you seeing the amazing walk you can have? Get in touch we will take you there.


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