Holidays-to-Portugal. Lamego, put it on your map to visit!

If you are on holidays in Portugal do a short break of your long break in Lisbon or Porto (yes, long break because there are much more wonderful stuff to do at first glance), and pay a visit to Lamego. It is a small city in the interior of Portugal, near the Douro Valley and a very religious city. If you decide to take some days to know the vineyards around Douro, don’t miss the oportunity and go also to this city, famous by its castle, its church and local celebrities which take place in the middle of September.


So, which activities are there for you in this city? Well, first get a place to sleep in a rural tourism village in the vicinity. After you are well rested, start visiting the city:


1st Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Sanctuary.  If you see it from the center you will realize the huge steps you have to climb to reach the sanctuary. Nevertheless, you could also reach it by car with no worries. If you are religious you will see inside of the church one of the only statues of Jesus Christ in child which is one of the reasons why this church is so special.







2ndNossa Senhora dos Remédios celebration which takes place in the middle of September.  On this time  the city cames into a full week of events.  Fireworks, giant dolls walking the streets, drums bands, catholic processions, and plenty more you can see on this time of the year.

3rdLocal dishes. You will eat amazingly. From the famous “bola” which is a kind of bread with ham up to the traditional ham which is very salty, crossing through the kid baked in the oven, you will be amazed how well you can eat in this city. Enter a restaurant at your choice and definitely you will be a food lover of this city.

4th Try the street market which takes place every Thursday of the week. You will find different kind of products to buy. From clothes, to plants, chickens, and  pots, pans, crockery and cutlery and so on. The fun is to get the experience of going to a local street market.

5th Go to “Serra das Meadas” , 5 minutes by car from Lamego and once you reach the top of the mountain you will have an overall view of the city. This is a moment of contemplation of the nature surrounding you and will offer you peace of mind.







6thFountains. You will find some fountains in the city. They offer good water to drink. The city is surrounded by many water sources, so while walking through the city you could fill up your bottle in one of these fountains.


7thMuseum and castle: the museum full of tapestries inside to visit, from the XVII and XVIII century, headquartered on the Camoes square is one of the monuments where you can get to know the history of the city quite well.  The castle gives you a good walk through the narrow streets until you reach it, and once up there you can have a great view all around the castle.



8th The Cathedral is other top of the city, from the XII century, gothic style, it still maintains the original square tower but also reflects the changes done in the XVI and XVIII centuries on areas which include the Renaissance cloister.








9th Don’t miss out the oportunity to try some rural works such as catching chestnuts or apples. There are many farms around the city where you can have this kind of experience. You will get the experiences of these rural works and get in touch with the locals. If you love to experience a morning on the farm, try it, it is very satisfyingto your mind.







This is not only a city for those who enjoy to know the religious heritage of Portugal but also to those who like to know rural cities with the charm of its backwardness. Get in touch, we will provide you a  visit that suits your taste and size!


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