Holidays-to-Portugal. Porto’s holidays – 10 things you should experience

If you are on holidays in Portugal, stay at least one week. After visiting its capital Lisbon, the 2nd biggest city is Porto, and also well worth a visit. Majestical, it is full of historical, trendy shops, art and other attractions. In this article we will unfold some of its top attractions for you. Namely:

1st Visiting  Ribeira. When you are here and see the river along the city you experience the amazing spotlight view of Dom Luis bridge, the ancient houses nearby and unmissable cultures of food and wine. Try walking in direction to “Foz” to experience the lovely riverside feel.



2nd While you are visiting this area just try the typical “Francesinha”. It is a very typical dish requiring a strong appetite and stomach to harness. Like a big toastie(or panini) with varied thinly sliced clean cuts of meat and sausages inside, covered with melty cheese and a sauce to die for.


3rd Serralves Museum: this museum has the city´s most dynamic art exhibitions. Enjoy both its gardens and exhibitions, such as the Joan Miró exhibition recently being held there.

4th Casa da Música: an architectural masterpiece by world-renowned architect Rem Koolhaas. There you can appreciate different types of concerts during your stay in Porto. Another must see.

5th Clerigos church and its tower, one of the baroque exponents, and ex-libris of Porto city, built in the XVIII century by Italian architect Nicolau Naposi. It is 76 metres high, with 240 steps to climb, all of which can be visited by you till the top. Of course, once you get to the edge you will get another unmissable view, certainly one of the most beautiful overall.

6th Lello book store constructed in the XX century, with its neogotic style, where many famous writers have met and been inspired in. It is another of the city´s landmarks, certainly one for readers and book lovers alike.

7th Rebelo boat on the Douro river. This is a typical Portuguese boat from the north region of Portugal, Alto Douro, used to transport casks of Porto wine from vineyards to Vila Nova de Gaia where it was stocked and exported. Pop into one of these and relax to the sounds and routines of the river Douro.



8th Visiting the Porto wine cellars. If you cross the Dom Luis bridge to Gaia, you will reach the most renowned Oporto Wine caves where you can find out more about the production of this wine and moreover you can taste it. A must go for sure. A delight experience you will not forget.

holidays-in-portugal-city-brak-tours-bulhao29th Visit Bulhão market Shop and its downtown retro shops, many of which displaying wonderful Art Nouveau facades. Contemplating these buildings is a wonderful thing to do, as is finding vintage Portuguese products inside their stores. Great shops for friends and relatives indeed. See the photos below.


10th Last but (certainly!) not least, visit the amazing Douro Valley. You will need at least one day. Check more info here.

Already amazed? Get ready; you will be much more amazed touring with us. Get in touch!


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