Holidays-to-Portugal. Lisbon’s bohemian life – 6 district you cannot afford to miss!


If you’re comming on holidays to Portugal you will soon realize that Lisbon has a lot to offer. There is a big bohemian life within some neighborhoods of Lisbon on a weekly basis, from Monday to Sunday.  Just keep on reading this article and find out the top six you will not want to miss.

Lisbon is quite a cosmopolitan city that maintains in its buildings and architecture the ancient culture, bounded together with modernity. As seen in new shops of all sort, restaurants, bars  and events on the vanguard available all year for citizens.


Barrio Alto District


This is a district right in the heart of Lisbon, where you will find an amazing bohemian life every day of the week. Here you will find out youth groups socializing, having some drinks, listening to concerts in bars but you will also find a place with great restaurants and vintage and high fashion artist’s shops.


Príncipe Real District


This area nearby Bairro Alto is famous for having some of the city’s most renowed LGBT discos and bars, but it doesn’t end there, on the daily life it is also an area where Portuguese workers live and it is full of all kind of shops, high fashion artist’s shops, local products shops,  and restaurants with a great variety. You also have at your disposal a small garden in the centre of this district where sometimes  local fairs are done and where local producers  sell  their products. It is a great area indeed.


On both this districts you have 2 sightseeing points (São Pedro de Alcântara e Santa Catarina/Adamastor) each one of them with its own bar where you can chill out an afternoon.


Estrela’s District


On this area you should see Basílica da Estrela which is precious.  Estrelas’s garden is quite bucolic and a place where you see Portuguese families playing with their children. It’s a stage of many cultural concerts on the summer time and you have also an agenda of open air cinema in some seasons of the year. Moreover, you have the oportunity to enjoy the architecture of most houses and its interior. To sum up, this is an area for high-income folks where you can find a great deal of insights about the daily life of lisboners.


São Bento District


São Bento is home for the Portuguese parliament and you have some art shops and nearby restaurants. Vintage furniture as well other vintage articles are easily in the shops of this area.

It is also a must visit the house where Amália Rodrigues , the mother of Fado, lived till her death.


Baixa / Chiado / Castle

This district is the down town area of Lisbon and the historic place of the city where you find all the historic monuments and the best sightseeing’s of the city. Chiado has a great variety of modern shops and Portuguese chef restaurants, allied with many others traditional shops with local products. On this area you can enjoy the tiles in the facades of the buildings as also the typical path with the name given “calçada portuguesa”. It is already a tourist area but of course a must see district once you want to now all the important monuments of Lisbon.


Belem District

The Portuguese era of the XV century discovers it is to be discovered on this district. Be sure not to miss the sumptuous monuments done to glorify the golden era of the Portugals history. Padrão dos Descobrimentos, Torre de Belém, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and Museu dos Coches are great representatives of that age. Moreover you have the CCB, an exhibition centre with plenty of cultural international events and the tropical botanical garden,  a beautiful garden to visit that makes you forget you’re inside a city.  Please realize that for this area alone you’ll be spending at least a non-stop full day since morning till night.


Come with us, we will design the right tour for you. Let us know your preferences and we will make your day a great day in beautiful Lisbon.


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