Holidays-to-Portugal. Fátima, Nazaré, Óbidos… experiences, history and mysterious knowledge!

Did you like Lisbon? So take your seat in this adventure and get dazzled with the Lisbon Guide Tour we offer you and start knowing the Portuguese treasures of Lisbon and Fátima, not forgetting Óbidos and the amazing Nazaré as well.

fatima-227255_960_720Fátima is one of the biggest and most important pilgrimage places all over the world with more than 5 million visitors annually. The biggest pilgrimages to Fátima occur annually on the 12th and 13th May and October and they are traditionally done by foot. The modern Church of the Santíssima Trindade (Church of the Holy Trinity) was built in  2007. This church has 125 metres diameter and almost 9000 seats. It is a reference point of the Santuário de Fátima
(Fatima Sanctuary), as well as the three small shepherds house to whom the Virgin Mary appeared. Visit, as well, the Monastery of the XIV century, declared as Mankind’s Heritage by UNESCO, all this conjugated with a beautiful and calm city you can and must visit during your holidays in Portugal.

But there is much more.

Portugal City Break Tours takes you to the antique town of Óbidos, a small town that keeps
centuries of history among its walls. With a vast heritage of religious architecture and historical and monumental evidences, Óbidos, the “small town of Kings and Queens” was, in the past, the preferred resting place of the Portuguese court. Built among the walmedieval-castle-111783_960_720.jpgls in 208 B.C., and offered as a wedding present in 1282 by King Dinis to his new wife, Queen Isabel, this small and beautiful town has its roads and buildings in the gothic style and it is sprinkled with colours and flowers every corner. This guided tour would only be completed if we take you walking through the flowered and medieval roads of this small national pride. And, in this memorable town, you must not forget to taste the so famous “Ginjinha de Óbidos”, a famous typical local drink made of morello cherry.

After this wonderful trip in time, we head for Nazaré. Here you will find a village with a spectacular beach, where its white sands and its enormous cliffs over obidos-469057_960_720.jpgthe sea with its intense blue, turn this fishing village into a favourite holiday destination. This is the Portuguese beach where the fishing traditions are the most colourful and it is not rare to see in the streets the typical fishwomen using the seven skirts as tradition states. Have a seat on breakwater and see the interesting show “Arte Xávega” where the nets plenty of fish arrive from the sea and women cry out their traditional art of fish selling. During you holidays in Portugal, get amazed with the impressive headland named “Sítio da Nazaré”, in Mirante do Suberco. It is a small area of this village located above an enormous cliff, with privileged and amazing view from the village and the sea.

Here the most important is not forgetting your camera so you can get all memorable moments of these small villages, the cliffs and natural landscapes of this “sweet” Portugal that Lisbon Guided Tour offers you, one of the best things to do in Portugal! You can listen to the biggest waves sounds while you walk and get seduced with all the scenery this small paradise offers you.

mosaic-227268_960_720In this holidays in Portugal you are going to feel like a character performing a role in a medieval soap opera, from Fátima to the roads of Óbidos and to the cliffs of Nazaré. Even after visiting these three beautiful places, Lisbon Guided Tours goes on with its visit back to Lisbon, so you can get surprised again with all the beautiful landscape along the way.

Back to Lisbon get seduced by the joyfu
l landscapes of a trip by the sea, walking strong sceneries embed in the rocks through the long shores, remembering millenary architectures, ancestral towns and magic beaches where each cliff tells a story of a people never forgotten.

Enrich your experience with your holidays in Portugal. Choose our Lisbon Guided Tours because we want you to wander throughout other centuries and seas of Portugal.

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