Holidays-to-Portugal. Arrábida  – 5 stunning beaches you can find just 45 minutes away from Lisbon!

If you are on holidays in Lisbon check these amazing beaches you can find just 45 min from Lisbon by car.

Arrabida is known not only by its beautiful landscapes but also its beaches. Are you a natural born hicker? Are you a beach lover? Are you a nature lover? And are you a tidbit lover? If so, this article is for you!

When I’m away from Lisbon if there is something I feel “saudade”, this portuguese feeling to say I miss, is Arrabida!

Are you already curious about what is coming next? So………

1st  The first stunning beach is ……..Ribeira do Cavalo. This is a hidden beach with a not so easy access for you must go downhill to reach the beach but it is more than worthy. Once you get there, it’s just perfect! The water is clear light blue, the sand so soft, and the surrounding so bucolic that we have to say, what could you ask more from a day spent at the beach? Nothing…!

2nd Next stunning beach is…….. Praia dos Coelhos,  another amazing beach, also with a transparent light blue water, its water temperature being comparable with other Lisbon beaches, with a soft sand as well.

3rd Portinho da Arrábida, is also great not only for beach goers but also on the way there it gives you an array of beautiful landscapes. There you have restaurants and bars surrounding it and you have an easy access to the beach. You don´t need to walk or go downhill to reach the beach. But of course on the summer season you will have the company of quite a few people.

4th Sesimbra , you have city beaches with no waves and with everything you need one step away from you. This is also a good beach to go if you just want to get there easily, and you don´t mind bring surronded with crowds.

5th Meco, a huge beach with some waves bigger than those on the beaches before mentioned, but also with a perfect landscape. This one is so huge that even frequented by a lot of people, you will have enough space for not feeling crowded.

At the end of a day spent lay down on the beach, it is quite usual among portuguese people, go to have some tidbitsin at a bar/restaurant near the beach. If you like to eat grilled fish, Sesimbra is a good spot to go. Have a peek looking at the pictures bellow and get in touch with us! We will help you plan the perfect day for you!

Holidays-in-Portugal – Arrabida’s Landscape
Holidays-in-Portugal- Ribeira do Cavalo







holidays-in-portugal – Ribeira do Cavalo Beach



Holidays-in-Portugal- Portinho da Arrabida
Holidays-in-Portugal – Arrabida’s Landscape


















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