Holidays-to-Portugal. 5 things to do in Portugals center region!

If you are on holidays in Portugal, this article tells you 5 things  you cannot miss in rural Portugal, center region of Portugal. If you enjoy tradition, and to be in contact with nature, visit rural villages and get to know regional traditional products and its traditions, here are some spots you should go to.

Serra da Estrela region has not only some perfect views over the mountain chain, but you can also be delighted with what this region can provide you – the Beach Rivers and natural swimingpools from the river.

So, the following top 5 things to do in the center region of Portugal are:

1º Go for a swim in natural pools with water from the river. Two of those pools you cannot miss are the ones in Lapa dos Dinheiros and in Agroal. It is simply bucolic to dive in with all that nature surronding you. But you have plenty more such as Pomares or Agarês or just choose one by yourself. The water is cold, that’s a fact, but almost imediatly your body gets used to the water temperature.  Check out some of these pictures bellow.

DSC_0126 DSC_0128 DSC_0101 DSC_0143

2º Visit Seia, S.Romão and Nossa Senhora do Desterro. We advise you to stay in São Romão, in a rural house with a view over the landscape of the region and meanwhile try to see in Seia the bread museum which is a curiosity of the region.

DSC_0132 DSC_0138 DSC_0164 DSC_0158

Continuing the excursion, on the edge of São Romão village, you are going to find Nossa Senhora do Desterro, where you can see 10 small chapels, each one representing the cycle of the Christ’s childhood and Christ’s passion. It is also worthwhile enjoying a meal at a restaurant on the vicinity to those chapels. It has region dishes who are quite well prepared. Have some insight of this through the photos bellow.

DSC_0176 DSC_0178 DSC_0182 Holidays-in-portugal-city-break-tours-restaurante

3º Explore some walking paths in order to feel the mountain environment, relaxing and listen the nature around. This region is full of paths for walking lovers.  Just do not forget to tell someone before you start your walking path, in case you get lost. It is always good to have someone of the region in alert status.

4º Eat cheese, this is the place to go for a cheese store and buy sheep cheese, ultra-melty and strong flavorered. Delicious! The most know Portuguese cheese is made in this region, so take the advantage of being in the cheese region.

5º Visit Piodão. It it’s a small rural village made up of small houses with windows and blue wood doors and you’re simply going to love it. At night, because of how houses are arranged inside the village and under the moonlight, a typical christmas scene sudently appears before your eyes.

Holidays-in-portugal-city-break-tours-piodao Holidays-in-portugal-city-break-tours-piodao2 Holidays-in-portugal-city-break-tours-piodao3 Holidays-in-portugal-city-break-tours-piodao4

Did you like the artiche? Ok, let me tell you these and plenty more options if you come with us! Get in touch!


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