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Holidays-to-Portugal. Douro Valley, what else?

Douro valley is a must you cannot afford to loose to go pay a visit if you are on holidays in Portugal. Are you a wine lover? If yes, then this is the perfect place for you to visit.

Douro is one of the most known Portuguese wine region and it’s where the sweetest Porto wine is made. The landscape, the culture and touring the vineyards around Douro is simply gorgeous.  Why not exit Porto or Lisbon for a few days spent in Provesende,  a small wine village which is simply precious. There you can try wine directly from the producers and you can enjoy wonderful views from the top. Here you can also buy fresh bread which is done in a traditional firewood oven. It’s a bread whose baking takes quite long to be done because it is made only with natural ingredients. You will also find typical houses with its heraldry crest where you can find the entire family’s history.  Relaxing, drinking some wine and chating with the locals is surely a lovely day spent.

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After visiting Provesende you can continue your journey to Pinhão where you will end up on the riverside of the Douro river and where you can take the so called Rebelo’s boat in order to take a closer look of all the Douro’s vineyards.  It’s a calm, relaxing travel with only the sound of the river as a compagnion. Simply amazing! See below the video and photos in order to have an idea of what it looks like.


Carry on and go to other surronding small villages, they are very authentic and beautiful. One of those is Casal de Loivos. On the edge of this village you will find a great view of the Douro Valley. You will also find small producers of wine and olive oil, in fact one of those has an olive oil press where all the  production stages are throughly explained and in the end you will be tried to taste not only the olive oil but also the wine of this small producer.

Aren’t you already amazed with this tour? Are you on holidays in Portugal? Don´t waste time, get in touch with us! We will provide you with everything you need for this enjoyable trip!


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