Holidays-to-Portugal. Where to go if you are a LGBT traveler?

Maybe you’re just traveling and you don´t mind where to go to at night whether it’s a LGBT area or not. But if you want to visit Lisbon because you heard it’s a hot spot for LGBT travelers, then check out this article about the best tips to find LGBT bars and areas around Lisbon. Each year, LGBT bars and clubs in Lisbon are on a steady growth.  The most known area with LGBT bars is Príncipe Real, a neighbor right next to Bairro Alto. This neighbor is not only  a very typical Lisbon neighbor , but also a gay area where  you can find some Iconic bars. The biggest club you can go with a mixed presence is Trumps, where you have 2 dance floors and sometimes  a cabaret show. On this area you also have a classical for gay people which is Finalmente with regular drags shows and Portas Largas in Bairro Alto neighbor, next to Principe Real. Here in Bairro Alto you can also go to Purex which has more of a lesbian environment, but actually you have a mixed over there.

According to us, these are the most relevant, but we will leave a list with plenty more for you to choose with your own eyes.

In Bairro Alto, you have these ones:

ETÍLICO: Rua do Grémio Lusitano, 8, 
LE MARAIS: Rua Santa Catarina, 28 

PORTAS LARGAS: Rua Da Atalaia, 105, 
Primas: Rua da Atalaia, 154, 
PUREX: Rua das Salgadeiras 28,
SETIMO CEU: Travessa Da Espera, 54, 
TROMBETA BATH: Rua do Trombeta, 1C,


In Príncipe Real you have these ones:

BAR 106: Rua De São Marçal, 106, 
BAR CRU: Rua De São Marçal, 170, 
CONSTRUCTION: Rua Cecilio De Sousa, 82-84, 

FINALMENTE: Rua Da Palmeira, 38,
THE COCK: Rua de Noronha, 5A, 
TR3S: Rua Ruben A Leitão, 2A,
TRUMPS:Rua Da Imprensa Nacional, 104B, 

WOOF LX:Rua da Palmeira, 44B

On the daylife, if you wanna go to the beach, try to find “Praia 19” at Costa da Caparica. This beach is known not only for its LGBT community, but also for natural landscape and dunes.

Have fun! And please check out also our Lisbon Guided tours. We could do a tour at your taste and size.


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