Holidays-to-Portugal. Lisbon … know the city that sings of longing!

There is nothing more portuguese than the melancholic and deep chanting of Fado, that was born, as the story tells, in a tavern in the barrio of Alfama. Take a guided tour through Lisbon and discover this music that sings of broken hearts and longing. This icon of the portuguese culture is the essence of the Lisbon barrios and it’s there, in those streets and alleyways, pavements and shelled Moorish buildings, that you can find the best places to hear the Fado that evokes the portuguese feelings.  Fado describes love, the memories of those long gone, life’s misfortunes… and missing something, or someone, is a feeling that Portuguese people, proudly, describe as their feeling. Come and meet this Lisbon attraction and feel what Fado wants to transmit. Feel this characteristic feeling that is rooted in the soul of the people from Lisbon.

People that distinguishes itself for receiving and for sheltering any kind of people the same way they would do to a familiar, with all the hospitality and generosity. People that live, as Fernando Pessoa has written, in colorful houses that Lisbon has, in the homes of people that once sailed in seas that Camões signed. Know the streets where the Lusiads walk, and walked, every day.48_cafe_baixa_fernando_pessoa

Take a private guided tour in Lisbon to explore every corner of this town so unique and wonderful in accordance with your interests and you have free time to explore each place you visit.

To enjoy this Lisbon attraction there is only one requirement: to not let anything slip by!

Take a private guided tour and let yourself be guided through Lisbon, day and night.

Knows the festivities of Lisbon which offer a full program of entertainment activities that will invade Lisbon´s oldest neighbourhoods, luring thousands of people into the streets. Santo António, highly respected and worshipped in Lisbon and treated as a true patron of the city, sets the mood for the festivities that reach the high point on the evening of June 12, with the parade of popular marches along Avenida da Liberdade.

Junção fotos Santos

Evenings are animated by traditional festivities in Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhoods – from Castelo to Mouraria, Graça, Alfama, Ajuda and the Bairro Alto – with lots of music and dance to the rhythm of popular songs. Decorated with coloured globes and garlands, the city’s streets are invaded by the smell of roasted sardines and sweet basil accompanied by paper carnations and paintings that allude to Santo António.

santos_populares_de_quarteira_2When the sun sets in Lisbon, it doesn’t mean that the day has ended. There are still many things to see and to be done on your holidays in this city. A good night can start, for example, at the cafes in Chiado, that serves as a meet up point before heading to dinner in one of the restaurants in Bairro Alto, where you can let yourself seduce by the contagious atmosphere of this ancient Lisbon epicenter. After you delight yourself with the portuguese gastronomic treats, go to the peculiar Chinese Pavilion or to the relaxing Clube da Esquina, and enjoy a drink contemplating the wonderful Tejo river, that bathes the city of Lisbon. The night owls can go down to the Alcântara Docs, or to Santos, where all the bars and discos are located, and enjoy the best of the Lisbon night. If you prefer a calmer program, you can go to the theaters of this old town, for example, the D. Maria II theater, and regale with contemporary, or classic, work. Discover, also, the Fado houses, an obligatory stop when you come to Portugal on vacation, and enjoy the portuguese guitar sound that accompanies Fado, a sound that portrays the most characteristic feeling of the Portuguese: a saudade!

Come and discover Lisbon! Let yourself get enchanted by the mystical environment of this marvelous city!




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