Holidays-to-Portugal. Algarve, what else?

Where do Portuguese people go on their summer holidays?

 Are you on holidays in Portugal and would like to know more about Portuguese culture?  If so, continue on reading  this article, we will show you a spot… a region choosen by portuguese as their favorite spot to go on  their summer holidays. Well… actually in order to answer this question, we have a handfull of options along a Portuguese coast full of beaches. But when you are either with family or friends the south coast and, more specifically, the Algarve, are the top Portuguese choices. On this post we are going to focus ourselfes on a marvelous place for beach holidays which is called Tavira and Cabanas de Tavira in the Algarve´s region. Here you have beautiful and natural landscapes. You can just simply wake up, go for a walk, catch the boat and end in a quite beautiful beach landscape, surrounded by a warm and calm sea.

Tavira 4-Modificado Tavira 5-Modificado

Tavira 1-Modificado Tavira 3-Modificado

Tavira is a fishery village, where you can appreciate good fish dishes like tuna, fish on coal, sea fish, and octopus. Imagine yourself after a morning in the amazing Cabanas island beach, looking for a restaurant to lunch. Don´t go at lunch time to the beach, Portuguese sun can be blazing hot. Take a short pause from the beach and just go appreciate Portuguese flavors, little big palates of heaven.  We advise you tasting some “cadelinhas” as shown in a picture further below, but you could also appreciate a simple fish made on carvon with a light salad. It’s simple perfect. Sardines for example are to be eaten in the months without a “R”.  May, June and July are good months for it. Give it a try. Together with a glass of green wine. It will be perfect! You’ll see!

lamejinhasTavira 8-Modificado  Tavira 12

After this, relax a little bit in the shadow reading a book or just simply go around the village. There are many local products and traditions to be discovered.  Embroidery, cane baskets, ceramics, honey, cheese, or seeing how brandy is made are ancient activities from the municipality which you could have pleasure knowing them.

After 4pm you could go back to the beach and enjoy  the rest of theafternoon ending lying down on the beach or just playing with your kids on the beach. Both adults and children will love this programe.

Please, if you don´t know how to get there and organize your trip, please get  in touch with us. We will make you a tailor made holidays programm that best suits your taste and ambition


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