Holidays-to-Portugal. Portuguese flavors … a delight for your palate!

The experience of making a culinary trip through the streets and alleyways of Lisbon, guided by the palate of the Portuguese treats is one of the best tourist attractions that a tourist can crave. In this joyful and authentic city, where the inhabitants are genuinely welcoming, the food is so tasty and characteristic that, in their holidays in Lisbon, Portugal, they will feel an enchantment that will live forever in their memory.

Have fun while discovering the flavors and secrets of Portuguese food while exploring and discovering the magic of Lisbon’s suburbs.

In Portugal, every hour is an ideal hour to take a break around food. If you’re on holidays in Lisbon and want to have lunch Between 11.00 am and 15.00 pm, you can, and the easiest way is to follow a walking food tour available to satiate your appetite! If at 18.00 pm you feel like having some beer and eat some snacks in one of the characteristic Lisbon’s chop-house, you also can do it. Independently of your stomach Schedule, you can, at any time, unveil the Portuguese culinary secrets, passed from generation to generation.

If you’ve already contemplated the grandiosity of Lisbon lightening up with the first sunbeams, or her reddish sunset over the deep blue sky, it’s time to feel the ecstasy of your taste buds on the first bite on a “pastel de nata” (sweet custard pie) or in a traditional “bifana” (pork sandwiches) with mustard.

Feel Lisbon and stimulate your palate by going on a walking tour in a discovery of the Mouraria’s gastronomic multiculturalism, an ancient and genuine neighborhood from Lisbon, while you taste freshly prepared food and drinks in one of its chop-houses or restaurants. Or, if you prefer, go to Campo de Ourique – a genuine neighborhood that is a city inside another city – make your senses and taste buds wake up with the flavors from this Lisbon neighborhood, that marks the gastronomic style of the city where tradition allied to modernity reinvent the Portuguese flavors!


On your vacations in Portugal take a break to admire the sunset in Lisbon while drinking a refreshing “imperial” (beer), accompanied by a “prego” (cow sandwiches) or “bifana” (pork sandwiches) in one of the chop-houses in the Graça belvedere.

Explore Alfama by strolling through alleyways and streets, and feel the surroundings of local taverns that provide some of the best Portuguese gastronomic delicacies: “peixinhos da horta” (breaded green beans), “pataniscas” (codfish fritters), “iscas à Portuguesa (porker liver – “Portuguese” style), “prego” (cow sandwiches), “bifana” (pork sandwiches), “sardinhas assadas” (roasted sardine), “moelas” (chicken livers), pica-pau (cubed beef) and many … many more!

But don’t stay there …. take a boat crossing and go to the other side of the Tejo river to taste our fishes and sea food drizzled with an excellent, authentically Portuguese, green wine with Lisbon as a background! Here you can taste other gastronomic sins that feature the good Portuguese palate: bulhão pato clams, octopus’s salad, pasteis de bacalhau (pies of cod), prawn tidbit, a seafood cataplana …. And an endless world of flavors!

Portuguese Pastry Shop… a temptation!

On your vacations in Portugal go into a cafe, or sit on an esplanade and treat yourself with Portuguese pastry, where the pasteis de Belém (pies of Belém), the Jesuítas, Aveiro’s Egg Sweets, Travesseiros, Bola de Berlim feature, among others… and don’t forget to drink a “bica”, that is an act of cult in Lisbon. Trust in the Portuguese confectioner’s mastery that makes these capital sins arrive, daily, to the shop Windows of pastry shops and Lisbon cafes. It’s impossible to go by nonchalant to the colorful cake122412.660x280s disposed on the Portuguese pastry shops where the irresistible aroma of the national pastry takes our breath away! Portuguese sweetmeats are full of history and tradition, which has an undeniable mysteriously.

Visit Lisbon … feel the city where the flavors and smells of many gastronomic treats cross. Know the city through its gastronomy and traditions where animation and the tidbits “walk arm in arm”.

Food is not only what’s on the plate. In every corner, street, or alleyway in Lisbon, we find a treat that lives up to the good gastronomic reputation of the city. It doesn’t have any secrets or mysteries. Lisbon has it all: since ancient cafes that keep the original design to the best Portuguese pastry, to the typical Portuguese food restaurants – the chop-houses – that offer the best Portuguese snacks, extolling the Portuguese history and its traditions.  Perfect your smell and let your taste buds go, come and meet one of the best attractions in Lisbon: The Portuguese Gastronomy.

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