Holidays-to-Portugal. Wine tourism … 5 routes to enjoy Portuguese Wine!

vinhoVacations in Portugal are always an awakening of the senses. There is no other place on earth where tourists feel such welcoming as the one transmitted by the Portuguese people. The country’s rich cuisine, coupled with the increasingly better wines, is a great attraction to choose from enjoying the places to visit in Portugal.

The Portuguese wine tourism is gaining increasingly global relevance since it allows the tourist to enjoy an unforgettable stay in the wonderful vineyards in an environment of tranquillity and high sophistication. By taking a guided tour through the beautiful routes of Portuguese wines you’ll discover that Portugal has wine excellence across the country … every dish of Portuguese cuisine has the right wine to accompany it. Such examples are the Douro red wines that make Porto famous, the Alentejo wines and many others with no less distinction. You can make a toast to your vacation in Portugal with a Port or Madeira wine or perhaps with a wonderful sparkling wine produced in Lusitanian lands.

The recognition of Portuguese wines has increasingly echoed across borders thanks to the dedication and sensitivity of those who produce them. Take a guided tour through the Portuguese wine routes and be dazzled by this remarkable and enriching country’s heritage “planted by the seaside” associated with the vineyard and the wine.

Route of the Verde and the Douro Wines

This region from Minho to Douro is characterized by rough ground and steep hills that produce high quality wines with unique characteristics. Its landscape transformed into a valley carved on slopes earned the classification of World Heritage by the UNESCO. During your guided tour of the Douro region you can enjoy the process of Port wine production in one of the numerous Quintas open to the public or take a train ride or boat to admire the magnificent scenery. Start off by discovering the Verde and Douro Wine Route and let yourself fall in love with unique wines!

 Route of the Dão Wines

The beautiful vineyards are scattered across small farms located on the slopes of Serra da Estrela whose peek rises up to almost 2000m. This mountainous region can reach very low temperatures during the night, resulting in a slow ripening of the grapes producing wines with rich aromas and excellent acidity. The famous Touriga Nacionvine-77379_1920 (1)al, in the Dão region is considered one of the best of its kind in Portugal. The most typical and world-award-winning wine produced here is red, ruby color, witty, delicate aroma and velvety taste. On your vacation in Portugal take advantage and visit the Douro region, enjoy the fresh air, the old villages located in valleys and scroll through the paths once pioneered by the people of the land.

Route of the Estremadura Wines

The Extremadura has become one of the most important wine regions of Portugal covering several areas surrounding Lisbon. The vine cultivated here, since many centuries ago, has contributed to the enrichment of the regional heritage. This is one of the major attractions of Lisbon and is considered the most important in the country in terms of wine production with nine sub-regions classified with Controlled Denomination of Origin (DOC). The vines that grow near the coast ripen more slowly due to sea breezes giving result in extraordinary quality wines.

Route of the Alentejo Wines

The gentle hills and fertile landscape put the Alentejo in a prominent place in the Portuguese wine map. On your holidays in Portugal enjoy the quality of the Alentejo wines that are present in all the restaurants, cafes and bars in the country, positioning itself among the favorites of the most demanding gourmets, whether white or red wines. The northeast Alentejo, near the Spanish border, is most mountainous and has a green landscape, which provides to the creation of microclimates favorable for growing high quality grapes. To the south, where the climate is warmer, the vineyards thrive between the softness of the hills and endless plains.

Route of the Algarve Wines

One of the reasons why the southern region of Portugal is ideal for the cultivation of the vine is by having sun most of the year. The Algarve not only attracts tourists in search of the sun but is also a region where the vines thrive and produce high quality grapes. The vines are grown in a variety of soils and have an old wine heritage, with four areas famous for producing excellent wines: Lagos, Lagoa, Portimão and Tavira.

Wine is an integral part of Portuguese culture and is, since immemorial time, associated to the country’s gastronomy. This pronounced in the uses and customs of the people, architecture and landscapes of Portugal revealing the history of its regions.

Enjoy your holidays in Portugal to appreciate the wonderful nectar of the Gods that is produced in Portugal!

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