Holidays-to-Portugal. Discover the vintage shops in Lisbon because there are things that never go out of fashion!

flea-market-1262035_1920Lisbon is in fashion, with its unique brightness and incredible, original and trendy spots to explore during your holidays in Portugal. And just like this wonderful city, the term”vintage” is abundantly used all around the world! Old, apparently useless pieces, began become real treasures and fashion icons, setting apart the styles of each person.

This trend has become strong in the major cities of the world and Lisbon is no exception. We will show you vintage shops in Lisbon where you can buy clothes, accessories or other articles from other eras that can be used today.

The purchase of vintage products, which are mostly second hand, goes beyond economic reasons. The interest in this type of articles is because of their uniqueness and originality. Don’t think that vintage products are purchased for being cheaper …. They are unique, distinct high quality pieces.

If you spend your holidays in Portugal, make sure you take a stroll through Lisbon streets and alleys and discover these timeless treasures.

The word vintage means old, classic and of excellent quality. It’s about recovering a style of life which brings us to the years 1920 until 1960 and that applies to clothing, footwear, decoration, wines and many other things. Discover these treasures of the past that one of the attractions of Lisbon through a guided visit through vintage shops of this wonderful city that surprises us when we least expect it.

However, know that during your holidays in Lisbon, Portugal, you may find two types of vintage shops: those that refer to a particular style in time, where the pieces and products present characteristics of a given era, and those that sell second-hand articles, not always focusing on a specific era, but where a chance is given second hand articles.

Vintage pieces are currently considered a “must have”, not only for economic reasons, but also for the originality of the articles available. It’s becoming ever more apparent the pride and taste that people have in use clothes and other type of articles that belonged to parents and grandparents instead of products from major brands. Boarding on this natural trend and visit the shop “A Outra Face da Lua” or “A Vida Portuguesa” which are the Lisbon´s croewing jewel of the vintage shops.

Imagine that one of the things to do in Portugal is to discover the vintage shops of Lisbon, exploring the shelves of the shop “A Outra Face da Lua” or of “A Vida Portuguesa” until you find something that you really like? The magic of vintage shops resides on that … because all the articles are different and it is necessary to search through various piecPasta_dentífrica_Coutoes until you find something that calls for your attention!

A vintage piece is one that is at least 20 years old and is a witness to
a specific style that has not undergone any processing. Its value lies in its history and in what it represents … in shapes, colors, patterns, objects that make us sigh! The vintage shops, located in typical neighborhoods as the Chiado, Bairro Alto, Mouraria, among others are one of the best things to see in Lisbon. Imagine going back home with a package of Couto toothpaste introduced to the market in 1932? The vintage shops of Lisbon represent the aesthetic and the culture of a specific era that you will want to know better.

Did you know that ….

Vintage is an Anglo-french word used by oenologists from the XVIII century to designate a good harvest in wine that favored the production of a wine of exception. Only in recent years was the word adapted, in a different context, to define an object of a style belonging to another era, in particular the 1920s to 1980s.

Vintage articles are not restricted only to decoration, clothing or other objects. In vintage shops in Lisbon, you can taste and buy an excellent Vintage Port that is one of the most appreciated in the world. Or if you prefer you can choose other products that reminds us of our childhood, just like the ones we who saw in our grandparents cabinets in vintage packages.

More and more people surrender to the vintage charm. Be it for aesthetic reasons, liking the music or for the glamour of the era. In Lisbon there are generations who live as if they were in another age. Go for it, spend your holidays in Portugal and discover the wonderful world of vintage shops in Lisbon!

Visit the shop “A Outra Face da Lua” and “A Vida Portuguesa” in LIsbon and enjoy the peculiarities  that you can find out!

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