Holidays-to-Portugal. One of the 5 attractions that cannot be missed in Lisbon …. Fado!

fadoPortugal is the perfect destination to visit and enjoy all throughout the year, thanks to its mild weather and wide extension of beaches washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Located in the extreme southwest of Europe, Portugal stands out for the excellent food, fine wines, friendliness of the Portuguese people and a cultural heritage that can astound even those that still have doubts about choosing Portugal for holidays.

The capital city, Lisbon, is a cosmopolitan city with a variety of things to see and do.

We’d like to give you a guided tour so that you don’t miss a thing during your holidays in Lisbon, Portugal.

Fall in love the city that sings Fado!

Of all the attractions that Lisbon has to offer, Fado is one of the best things to see in Lisbon. Whether you like this style of music or not, listening to Fado in any one of the Lisbon neighborhood, such as Alfama, Bairro Alto or Mouraria, is unavoidable. Fado is the Portuguese soul, expressing what best characterize the Portuguese people: emotions! It is a distinct part of Portuguese culture, with melancholic songs and lyrics inspired by sailors and by its Moorish heritage.

In 2011, Fado was classified by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, attracting hundreds of tourists, eager to experience Fado and the Portuguese guitar for the first time. This Lisbon attraction is more than a tribute to Portuguese music, it mirrors the cultural and political environment of the city during the twentieth century. It’s expressed in a spontaneous way, in the streets and alleys, in cafés, in taverns that characterize Lisbon’s oldest neighborhoods. This is Fado. It’s something you sing to the sound of Portuguese guitars, allowing Lisbon’s passion to remain in the memory of those who have their holidays in Portugal.

Fado is the identity of Lisbon, and it is deeply rooted in the tradition and cultural history of the country. It is a source of inspiration and a symbol of cultural exchange between peoples and communities.

So, choose holidays in Portugal and let yourself be swept away by the charm of Lisbon, a stage for great traditional Fado. If you are open to having a different experience, Fado houses open in the evening and you can enjoy great food and a nice glass of wine. Enhance your senses and immerse yourself in this traditional Portuguese music …. and, we’d like to ask for some silence. It’s time to sing Fado.

In the city of the seven hills, you’ll find a considerable amount of Fado spots – from Severa to Mariquinhas – which echo the melancholy and pain that are so typical of Fado and the Portuguese people, who have a unique way of feeling and singing. Let yourself be taken by these emotions and discover Lisbon through Fado. Witness the revelation of great names of Lisbon Fado that perform in these traditional spots and (en)chant the audiences, where the melodies and the poetry of the lyrics demand harmony between performers, musicians and the audience.

Do not miss this Lisbon attraction and take a guided tour through these traditional spots that stand out for its warm atmosphere and gastronomic and artistic excellence. These spots are some of the best things to experience in Lisbon, where the best Fado singers perform, instilling emotions and feelings that you will never forget when remembering your holidays in Portugal.

You can also discover the universe of the history of Fado by visiting the Museum of Fado in Lisbon, which promotes the knowledge and learning of this musical expression. The museum provides activities where the visitor is invited to learn the history of Fado since its origin in the twentieth century, until today, learning its progress in the media, and the history and evolution of the Portuguese guitar. There is also a shop with wide variety of Fado discography, bibliography and items depicting Fado and the city of Lisbon.

Have your holidays in Lisbon, Portugal and enjoy a culturally rich and exciting experience you will not want to miss.

Learn and feel everything about Fado. Fall in love with its pureness and passion and let yourself be challenged by this Lisbon attraction!

I leave you with one of my favourite singers:


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